Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Counting the Days

Well, I and other people, well hell, everybody I think is counting the days until summer arrives. I don't think I have ever been this stoked for summer to arrive. Should be one to remember. I will slaughter the singletrack with my big wheels, donkey tuck the dirt hills on my cross bike, and just experience pure bliss. Also, I am counting the days until cross season arrives! Just 136 days away! Well first off, I have to get my bike to start working properly. I had a tiny crash last week, but I guess it was just enough to fill the shifter with dust and cease the whole f***** up, My Luck! Oh well, I think I may have found a deal somewhere. Other than that, life is just cruising along. Going to classes, I have worked a couple of days (I cannot believe Christmas is back) and am trying to get out and pedal as often as possible. Evan and I are riding our mountain bikes well, knowing how much fitness either of us have. Poor Estrong is so busy with class and work he barely has time to ride, but he still squeezes precious saddle hours in.
On second thought, the tan lines are coming in. I guess anything looks nice after being covered with leg warmers for the past 8 months, my upper thighs look like the course at the state champ cross race!
Well thats all for now, time to hit the books. Shoot an email to my brother and I if you are ever in Littleton
mine is ejsands92@gmail.com
ask my brother for his.

Well, life goes on.....


P.S. my new name to people from littlefun is officially E-Weakling.

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