Monday, December 31, 2007

Bringing in The New Tear

well life has been extra busy lately. finals went well for me at high school. i did far better than i ever expected which was a relief. Work at the christmas store has been extra busy lately as well. Mainly we are just tearing stuff down and preparing to close for six weeks. In other news, christmas was excellent. i got money to go towards my cyclocross upgrade and savings for my new mountain bike, both of which i cannot wait for. on another good note, my mom came home with the grand prize of her company party raffle. she won a brand new playstation 3! we also picked up rock band for a damn good price. it is so amazing.
Also the christmas store christmas party was a blast. every body danced and drank and had a really great time. all us young kids brought what we named the "Razzle-Dazzle Party Train Extravaganza" we encouraged the older people to dance, it was awesome. I am getting better at my new rollers that i got for christmas. i only fell off a couple times. now i havent fallen for a few days. I am taking a little time off of cycling, i was training and racing cyclocross a lot, which is a good thing, i was getting a little worn out. this time off is feeling good. i think i might go out with evan a little for some of his base training to keep some of my fitness. Otherwise life is good looking forward to the new year, for mountain biking, and especially cyclocross. i got picked up by Boulder Cycle Sport, and will be racing indefinitely for them next year. i spoke with Brandon Dwight, owner of BCS and bad ass crosser, and he was more than willing to except me as a team member. he saw a few of my results this year, and he wanted me to get some of those results for his team. (as you know, this season i was unattached in the way of teams) I am really looking forward to that next year though.
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Well, Life Goes On.......

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The End.

well cross ended on a rather good note. state championships were in lyons, colorado. just a few minutes north of boulder. the junior race was freezing, like always. but loads of fun. i was having an awesome race, sitting about fourth of fifth wheel, then i crashed really hard and it took it out of me. i only lost two places. but i finished. I won BCR for the junior men 15 16 category though!! Congrats to Tim Johnson for winning natz. that sucks for trebon though. ouch. my only question is how they are going to make a stars and stripes skinsuit for tim johnson and still keep the nine balls. well i am sure it will be pretty sweet though.

Life goes on.......

Monday, December 3, 2007

Wrapping it up

well cross season will come to a close this sunday. you could say i am ready for its end. also, coming soon, will be the end of work as well which will be a good feeling. hopefully i will be able to take BCR for my category, i will have to do real well at state to win. a little time off the bike will be nice. i will finally get to sleep in consistently. that junior schedule kind of sucks. well, life goes on.....

thanks for reading


Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, i am just about to finish up my thanksgiving break. it was a much needed break but too bad i was working 3 of the 5 days i had off oh well money is money. did a little bit of riding, then the shifter on my bike broke so i had to use my brothers bike for 2 races. i am replacing those shifters this week though. also my phone broke so i have hardly spoke to any of my friends for like a week i have been a lost soul which is sad but whatever. i raced in colorado springs which was ok, the course was ridiculously long and dusty. i had a good race, i stayed with the young clif bar kid who usually beats me but i was a few yards behind him the whole race but just couldnt pass him. i lost one spot at the end to finish around fifth overall and first in my category. today i just raced foothills cross number 2 which was an icy mudfest if that makes sense. the grassy spots were slick and icy but then the single track parts got sloppier and sloppier every lap. i finished 9th overall and maybe second or third in my category. atleast this weekend i will get to ride my own bike at the races and not have a terrible back cramp post race now.i found an awesome deal on some ultegra shifters, normally they run about 200 dollars but i found some brand new ones for 50 shit yeah.

well thanks for reading


Thursday, November 15, 2007

A memory filled week.

raced last saturday. it was pretty nice, it was a pretty hard course. i crashed once, nothing serious but i lost one place. i finished 9th out of about 60 so i got myself a few much needed BCR points. the blacksheep kid that i have been trading blows with for the past few weeks didnt even finish so that made me feel was a mountain bike suited course with bumpy spots little sand pits a few barrier sections a run up and a fast paced paved section. i had some fun. looking forward to table mountain and colorado springs this weekend, should be lots of fun. i also made the decision last night that i will buy a new salsa mamasita 29er mountain bike. what parts it will consist of is yet to be decided. it will drain my savings but i will superbly enjoy riding atop such a fine machine.

thanks for reading

Sunday, November 4, 2007

A cup filled weekend

Pretty good weekend on the bike. the redline cup was on saturday and it was tons of fun. i had a good warm up and enjoyed the course. my start was good and i moved up throughout the race to finish within the top ten. but i will get definite results up sometime soon. I wish i could have stayed and watched the pro race but i had to work. my bro told me ryan trebon won the mens and katie compton won womens. the pro turnout was almost as good as the fan turn out. Today was the boulder cup. it was right behind fairview high school. the juniors race went well, i am not sure what i placed but i will post results soon. i had a bad start but hammered through the barriers, flats, and hills. i rode the sand a couple times when other people werent. some lady from the womens race and i were helping eachother out throughout the race but then i crashed and she pulled away. Katie compton won womens again and ryan trebon won the mens again. the womens race was ok, compton pulled away quick georgia gould took second so it was kind of predictable but fun to watch. the mens race was the same but i thought it was much more fun to watch. i got some good pictures and videos of todd wells barry wicks jeremy powers and tim johnson i tried to get trebon but he was too fast. todd wells was successfully jumping the barriers every lap. brandon dwight had a very good race and i enjoyed watching him. today was a great race to watch.

thanks for reading

Monday, October 29, 2007

First Post

Well I finally decided to create my own blog. Most of the content of my blog will consist of events in the cyclocross world which I have enthusiastically become a part of. But, who knows what other content could fill this blog as time goes on. I will have some pics and other general info about myself posted as soon as possible.

Now i will speak about my cyclocross career which has consisted of about 12 races throughout the state. First off, i got my cross bike (redline conquest 2007) sometime in july. i rode all around town on that bike and then started doing cross specific training with my brother evan ( I reall enjoyed riding around at the park near our house hitting hills, sand, etc. I couldn't wait until cross season would arrive. My very first race was an eye opener. i got destroyed by the kids in my category but i had a lot of fun. the course was pretty technical and very bumpy but i didnt crash which counts for something. my second race was at the CU research park in Boulder, CO. i had a lot of fun at that course and felt much better than the week before. i was second to last in my category and probably 11 or 12 overall. The course was fun with a decent run up and some good drops and a fast pavement section. Nat ross was there to get all the juniors to pedal harder and babble on about other cycling related topics. My next race was at Bear Creek Lake Park in Morrison,CO. it was a fun course with a big drop and a running sand pit finish. i took second in my category and 3rd over all but i felt i was improving throughout the race. the next series of races for me was in Gunnison,CO. These races were lots of fun but a little bit on the chilly side. the course was all grass which was a nice change from all the dirt i had been riding the past few weeks. i had been training much harder in preparation for the racing in gunnison, so i was pretty anxious to get out and show myself atthe races in gunnison. i took third in the first race with the lead group pretty far in front of me in the first race. the next day, i took second with the tiaa cref kid about a minute or 2 in front of me but oh well, i had fun. next weekend was interlocken and evergreen. interlocken was a beautiful day with a mostly grass course with a sand pit and barriers and a run up conveniently placed for maximum pain also dont forget the most disgusting puddle i have ever seen that you had to run through and a nasty run up right after it too. . i felt super strong that day setting a wicked for myself and the fat blacksheep kid behid me. he sat on my wheel the whole race and never attacked. we passed a few kids throughout the race and on my last lap with the home stretch just around the corner, i dropped my chain. the blacksheep kid and a few more kids passed me so i took ninth. The field was pretty big but knowing i could have taken fifth or sixth had i not dropped my chain was kind of depressing. oh well thats how races usually work. the next day was ridiculous. when my dad and i arrived on the course there was probably 4 to 5 inches of snow on the ground a bitter 25 degrees and i chilly wind blowing across the course. i started the race and did ok but fell back. there was a muddy puddle that got my pedals all gummed up and shortly after the puddle they would freeze preventing me from using my pedals. this kind of sucked, the way mountain shoes work, your cleat is the only traction you have for gripping to your pedals. my race was good i finished top ten. the next weekend was fun which consisted of velo swap and the boulder reservoir race. velo swap was fun just looking around buying random little shit. but boulder reservoir was tons of fun. it was a sandfest for sure but the course appealed to a rider like me. decent hills sand and turns and a nice run up. i had a decent start and moved up throughout the race. the blacksheep cycling kid passed me for a brief moment but shortly after, i attacked and flew past him. by the end of the day i probably had about 1 minute or 2 on him hich felt nice after him beating me at interlocken. i finished in tenth place. so far my cyclocross season has been well. i am sitting first place in BCR points and have high ambitions for suceeding in the rest of the season.

thats all for now thanks for listening.

PS: my blogs will probably never be this long ever again, unless something amazing happens that requires a lot of words. Just wanted to post a little bit about my cyclocross season so far.