Friday, March 28, 2008

Nothing quite like a new bike

Well, I finally had my bike ordered, and Evan and I drove up to Greeley and built it up. And boy is it a sexy machine. But, when we pulled the wheels out of the box, we all noticed that the back wheel had a huge dent in it and the was completely tacoed. Mark decided to swap them out, so instead of the sun rims that were supposed to come on the bike, I now have black mavic rims. Everything else worked like a charm though, the 2008 shimano XT is awesome. It shifts just as well as my dad's old V-Brake XTR. Also, the Hayes brakes feel like a million bucks too.

In other news, me and Evan's trip to Fruita went off without a hitch and we had a blast.

Even though it was practically my first time doing actual mountain biking, I did surprisingly well. I was able to climb well, and descend just as well. I had so much fun, and I cannot wait to slaughter the singletrack on my new 29er.

It was also my brother Evan's first time up this season, and Fruita definitely got him pumped up to mountain bike to help train for road and such. But, he still did some very Estrong like things up on the mountain....

Oh Estrong, always hungry. Eventhough it looks like Evan chowed most of our trail food, I was able to find some to keep me energized. All we need now is Evan to squirt a water bottle all over his face to make him look a modern day super male model.
Despite such good looking fellas up on the trails, we actually saw someone in town, who, believe it or not, was NOT a mountain biker. He still had the idea of two wheels and two legs to get around, but his diet is nothing compared to Estrong's.

After we got back from Fruita, Evan and I decided to go mountain biking with his buddy Justin. We headed up to Waterton Canyon, and made it to the trailhead in record time. We team time trialed it all the way up but once we got to the singletrack switchbacks, things took a turn for the worst. There was still probably a good 6 inches of snow/ice/mud/pine cone combination covering the whole trail. It gave me nightmarish recollections of the state champ cross race. We decided to turn around since a climb that would normally take us a few minutes would have eventually taken atleast an hour to climb, plus, the three of us had places to be.
Well thats pretty much all I have for now.

Life goes on....



Shannon said...

haha i am very jealous that you got to see that old man riding a scooter! over all it sounds like you had a blast!

keep it real,

A. Lewis said...

Solid update.