Sunday, November 4, 2007

A cup filled weekend

Pretty good weekend on the bike. the redline cup was on saturday and it was tons of fun. i had a good warm up and enjoyed the course. my start was good and i moved up throughout the race to finish within the top ten. but i will get definite results up sometime soon. I wish i could have stayed and watched the pro race but i had to work. my bro told me ryan trebon won the mens and katie compton won womens. the pro turnout was almost as good as the fan turn out. Today was the boulder cup. it was right behind fairview high school. the juniors race went well, i am not sure what i placed but i will post results soon. i had a bad start but hammered through the barriers, flats, and hills. i rode the sand a couple times when other people werent. some lady from the womens race and i were helping eachother out throughout the race but then i crashed and she pulled away. Katie compton won womens again and ryan trebon won the mens again. the womens race was ok, compton pulled away quick georgia gould took second so it was kind of predictable but fun to watch. the mens race was the same but i thought it was much more fun to watch. i got some good pictures and videos of todd wells barry wicks jeremy powers and tim johnson i tried to get trebon but he was too fast. todd wells was successfully jumping the barriers every lap. brandon dwight had a very good race and i enjoyed watching him. today was a great race to watch.

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