Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well, i am just about to finish up my thanksgiving break. it was a much needed break but too bad i was working 3 of the 5 days i had off oh well money is money. did a little bit of riding, then the shifter on my bike broke so i had to use my brothers bike for 2 races. i am replacing those shifters this week though. also my phone broke so i have hardly spoke to any of my friends for like a week i have been a lost soul which is sad but whatever. i raced in colorado springs which was ok, the course was ridiculously long and dusty. i had a good race, i stayed with the young clif bar kid who usually beats me but i was a few yards behind him the whole race but just couldnt pass him. i lost one spot at the end to finish around fifth overall and first in my category. today i just raced foothills cross number 2 which was an icy mudfest if that makes sense. the grassy spots were slick and icy but then the single track parts got sloppier and sloppier every lap. i finished 9th overall and maybe second or third in my category. atleast this weekend i will get to ride my own bike at the races and not have a terrible back cramp post race now.i found an awesome deal on some ultegra shifters, normally they run about 200 dollars but i found some brand new ones for 50 shit yeah.

well thanks for reading


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cosmomasturpolitan said...

Rock on. Keep on riding strong, E-Strong to the 2nd power.